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Hero Quest Kit - $135

Designed as a "virtual workshop," this kit contains materials to help you deal with the emotional upheaval and personal issues you may be encountering on your Hero Quest.

What you'll find in this Hero Quest Kit are hands-on creative materials -- to help you dive a little deeper into what your quest can teach you about enriching your life.


What's in the kit:

1. Short guide to the kit and to understanding your quest as an archetypal journey "into the woods" and back out again. This guide book includes a discussion of the hero quest cycle, as it applies to you and your journey. It also explains how to use the kit on your personal hero quest, and suggests some things you might want to add to the kit to aid you on your journey.

2. "Caution" and "anti-perfection" signs to relieve pressure to "be nice" (or perfect). Wear these to remind yourself and others that you're making room for your authentic self to surface.

3. Scenes from a Hero Quest: Chronicle of a Breast Cancer Survivor -- my book of creative nonfiction about the first five years of my own hero quest journey. (Also available separate from the kit.)

4. "Inner Child Workbook" with separate instruction booklet and a set of colored marking pens -- for tapping into and expressing exactly what you're feeling (especially when it's not so nice).

In addition to directions for how to journal in a special way, the instruction booklet includes an explanation of how different parts of your brain function as "inner child" and "critical parent," and examples of how journalling in a special way can help you find your "nurturing parent" and enable you to give voice to your "vulnerable inner child."

5. "Passport to the UnderWorld" with separate instruction booklet and materials to make your own "UnderWorld stamps" -- to help you mark the difficult psychological descents you're making with your quest, and to recognize the riches you always, always return with.

Inside the Passport, you'll find a page to fill out with your personal information and photo (just like a real passport), a discussion of the stages of self-transformation you're going through with your quest, some tips for making the most of those stages, and affirmations of the value of that self-transformation.

In addition to explaining how to use your Passport to the UnderWorld, the instruction booklet includes examples of ancient images of rebirth and regeneration.

Use these images to give you ideas for the design of your own "entrance" and "exit " stamps -- to mark your journeys to and from the UnderWorld.

Your Passport to the UnderWorld will become your official record of the visits you make to the deepest parts of your soul, and of the remarkable insights you will always bring with you when you return to the world.

6. Healing Shrine cards (set of 10) -- with photos and explanations of the healing shrines I made to celebrate my 10th anniversary as a breast cancer survivor. (Also available separate from the kit.)

7. Wooden box with instructions to make your own healing shrine.

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