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I never thought I could draw until Mary Ellen McNaughton showed me how to do linocuts.
Something about the linear, flat, relatively crude nature of this medium
allows me to forget my perfectionism and just do it.


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    Psyche and Eros
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Psyche & Eros



Psyche and Eros (2009)

I made this linocut in a workshop given by Rick Beerhorst.

The design is loosely based on a much more refined AD 100 Indian stone carving of peacocks in Hunab Ku, by Karen and Joel Speerstra. (Mine is a reverse image of the original carving, of course, because the mental gymnastics required to draw what I see in reverse are beyond me.)

I named this piece "Psyche and Eros" because I love the story of how Psyche had to go to the Underworld to prove herself "deserving" of Eros, and in the process came into her own as a fully conscious, capable adult woman: another powerful metaphor for the soul growth that always comes when we make a Hero Quest descent.



Artifact: Peru, AD 1100 (2009)

This is another piece I made in Rick Beerhorst's linocut workshop, based on a 1,000-year-old, much more ormate Peruvian gold plaque in Hunab Ku by Karen and Joel Speerstra.

My first black print was blotchy, so I over-printed a second time in gold - still blotchy, but with an interesting effect.

Although I hadn't originally intended it, the face on this cross came out looking bird-like, so in my mind she is an embodiment of the sacred feminine in her Bird Goddess guise.

She has become a powerful Spirit Guide for me as I continue my Hero Quest.

gathering parts


Redemptive Lilith: Gathering our Parts Together (2009)

This piece uses a technique Rick Beerhorst showed me in his linocut workshop: print the same figure on several different sheets of paper, then cut and paste parts of those sheets together to reconstruct one image.

I really like how the pieced-together linocut print makes sense of the chaos of the different underlying sheets: the same way Redemptive Lilith helps us make sense of our disparate parts. (See Lilith Shrine in Sacred Feminine.)



Shaman (2005)

This is one of the first linocuts I ever made, with the help of Mary Ellen McNaughton.

It's crude, but I like the radiating lines of energy - which I added just to fill up the blank space.

I've used this print in several of my Hero Quest shrines, to represent the surge of energy that comes with the Hero's "return to the world with the boon of wisdom."

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