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Although this book chronicles my Hero Quest with breast cancer,
the stages of the journey are applicable to any Hero Quest.


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Scenes from a Hero Quest: Chronicle of a Breast Cancer Survivor -- my book of creative nonfiction about the first five years of my hero quest journey.

(You can read excerpts under the Scenes Excerpts tab on the Hero Quest Store page.)

Illustrated by Mary Ellen McNaughton
and Karen Godfrey.

(You can read more about both of these artists under the Resources tab on the Bio and Contact page.)

Hard cover. 392 pgs.

Signed, limited edition of 20 books. - $35

My chronicle is divided into five parts, each labeled for a particular Tarot card whose meaning describes each phase of my journey. Within each of these five parts, individual "scenes" from my experience correspond to different stages of Joseph Campbell's generic hero quest cycle, or to specific mythological heroes/heroines whose stories illustrate the hero quest cycle.

To help make these quest cycles more visible to you, I have added quotations at the beginning of each "scene" -- from Campbell as well as from various women writers who have expanded Campbell's essentially masculine quest to apply to feminine myths: Maureen Murdock (The Heroine's Journey), Jean Shinoda Bolen (Crossing to Avalon, Goddesses in Everywoman, and Close to the Bone), and Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs (Women Who Run with the Wolves).

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