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I've been co-facilitating workshops with Karen Godfrey MSW, CSW since 1998. Our workshops incorporate discussions of psychology, astrology, Tarot, mythology, Jungian archetypes and other symbolic systems to help participants explore themselves and better define their soul paths in this life. We both use art as a tool for self-discovery: Karen has been a professional artist since 1998, and I've been making personal healing shrines and other art pieces since 2003. To help participants process material, we often include simple, non-threatening, non-perfectionist "artifact-making" or other experiential activities in our workshops.

In 2009 and 2010, we presented week-long workshops at the Great Lakes Retreat in Olivet, MI.


Your Hero Quest:
Embracing the unknown for transformation

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Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to stop and reassess our lives, and sometimes the cause is less obvious. Whatever the reason, when we feel our old life not fitting anymore, it's time to go on a Hero Quest - to find our true selves and a new direction.

In this workshop, you'll explore some basic archetypes related to your personal hero quest. Then - using ancient symbols - you'll create a primitive artifact to invigorate you on your spiritual journey.




life collage

Finding your Goddess Soulskin

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We'll first listen to and then discuss a folktale told by Clarissa Pinkola Estés about how women can lose their "soulskins" -- their innate sense of who they really are.

Then we'll discuss some goddess archetypes that we all carry within ourselves, which we can call on to help us recover our soulskins.

Then we'll make a collage to honor our goddesses within, as a reminder of the value of our soulskins.


taking arms

Magic of Milagros

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Tiny metal hands, feet, hearts, heads: you'll look at examples of these traditional Mexican charms (milagros -- "little miracles") and learn how they've been used for hundreds of years to ask for or give thanks for blessings.

Then you'll learn how they can also be used more metaphorically -- to ask for blessings or healing, or to give thanks for miracles granted, or to empower yourself to step into the unknown.

As a meditation on your hero quest, you'll make your own personal milagro and then create a shrine for it.

lifedeath mother

Lilith: Owning your own Power

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First we'll review the history of reverance for the Divine Feminine: how the earliest human cultures understood and represented the Goddess in their art; how She was supplanted by the patriarchy of Judeo/Christian cultures 5000 years ago; and how she is re-emerging in the world today.

Then we'll learn about one much maligned goddess, Lilith, and examine how her three faces - Suppressed, Exiled, and Redemptive - embody the history of the Divine Feminine.

Then we'll explore how we embody the three faces of Lilith in our own lives (and how that is echoed by their placements in our natal charts).

Then we'll make our own representations of Lilith -- to empower ourselves on our individual Hero Quests.


illustrated chart

Mythastrology: Learning Astrology through Myth and Archetypes

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Discover your true self by decoding the map of your soul: your natal chart. Starting with the "glyphs" for each planet and sign, you'll learn the basic meanings of their placements and inter-relationships in your chart. Then, using Raven Kaldera's Mythastrology, you'll investigate and then illustrate the mythological archetypes represented in your chart.



Passport to the Underworld

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First we'll listen to and discuss a tape about how crisis forces us into the "underworld" -- where we confront personal demons, but where we also find our greatest strengths and riches.

Then we'll examine some ancient symbols of "rebirth and regeneration" found in archeological digs around the world.

Then we'll make our own "rebirth and regeneration" stamps -- to mark the difficult psychological descents we're making, and to recognize the riches we always, always return with -- in our own Passports to the UnderWorld.

spirit guides

Gathering Spirit Guides
on your Soul Path

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First we'll discuss how to find our Soul Path -- our true nature and destiny -- and how to shine our light in the right places, rather than living in the shadow of someone else's expectations.

Then we'll explore who our spirit guides are and how they help us our Soul Path.

Then we'll make our own spirit guide shrines -- to celebrate how they empower us on our Soul Path.



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