Follow your Wyrd/weird questcycles Linda S. Griggs

Follow your Wyrd/weird questcycles Linda S. Griggs

Follow your Wyrd/weird questcycles Linda S. Griggs bcquestcycles@aol.comFollow your Wyrd/weird questcycles Linda S. Griggs

Maximizing your Hero Quest: 

using art and astrology to help you find your wyrd (personal destiny).

Wyrding/Weirding through your Hero Quest

Wyrd: Old Anglo Saxon word meaning "what comes" - thus fate or personal destiny.

Wyrding: finding your personal destiny.

Weirding: appearing weird to anyone who does not understand or appreciate wyrding.

If you're reading this, chances are something  significant has happened in your life to throw you for a loop: an accident, a divorce, a diagnosis, a job change, the loss of a loved one.  

All bets are off.  Suddenly you're on a completely different life path with no corresponding map to show you  how to proceed. 

But there is a map - the map of the Hero Quest - and  you are nowhere near the first one to reach for that map.  If you allow yourself to follow the Hero Quest path detailed on that map, what you'll find is your "wyrd" or personal destiny. 

But be warned: To find your wyrd, you may need to go undercover for a while, try out some new things, things that other people may call you "weird" for. 

After all, discovering your own wyrd means discovering (and embracing ) your own uniqueness. And that is bound to set you apart from what others who are tied to the more beaten path are familiar with .

You are  going to look weird to them. 

So slow down. Take a breath. Open the Hero Quest map offered here and get your bearings. And then take some  first steps.

Try out the things (shrine making, collaging, astrology) that have helped me in my own Hero Quest wyrding/weirding . 

It's not going to be fast, and it's not going to be easy. But it will be enlightening.

And once you've completed your first  Hero Quest wyrding/weirding, I bet you'll never want to rejoin the "unweird" pack on the beaten path.