Follow your Wyrd/weird
Linda S. Griggs

Early shrines - about my 1993 Hero Quest with breast cancer

Here are some of the healing shrines I started making in 2004 to celebrate my 10-year anniversary as a breast cancer survivor and hero quester. I continued making shrines for the next 10 years as a way to process other mini-hero quests  in my life. 

I don't sell my shrines - they are far too personal for that. Their purpose is strictly to create a sacred space in which to make the invisible visible to me - i.e., to express what I'm feeling at different points on my quest. 

As you can see, all it takes to make a shrine is an idea you want to illustrate, a box,  some glue and acrylic paint, and small pre-existing pieces of art (e.g., postcards, holy cards, tarot cards, photographs, magazine pictures, stones, jewelry, small figurines, and other personal artifacts you have accumulated on your quest). 

Your shrine doesn't have to be perfect. All it has to be is yours.

Something even simpler to try

 Because I don't sell my shrines, by 2015, I had run out of room to display them in my home. So I switched to making collages, which serve the same function, but take a lot less time and material to make, and also take up a lot less space.