Follow your Wyrd/weird
Linda S. Griggs

Astrology Readings


When you're ready to dive a little deeper into your hero quest/wyrding

Your astrological chart is a map of your psyche and your potential. In other words, it actually shows you your wyrd/personal destiny

Your soul chose your wyrd (and thus your chart), but you've ultimately always got free will. And, therefore, you're ultimately responsible for everything that happens to you.

My  readings are designed for those who want  to go beyond  the basics of their natal charts.   

All readings $150 - 2-3 hours long.

Here are the topics I usually cover in a given reading. I can also focus on just one or two of these topics, depending on what issues are most pressing for  you at the moment.


Topic #1 - The Wounded Healer in your Life

How the asteroid Chiron (the wounded healer) affects the basics of your chart/life

Explores how your wound shows itself in your personal gifts and challenges in health, career, and creativity; in how you relate to family and friends and in love relationships; in how easy it is for you to achieve your purpose in this life. 

Explores what you can do to heal your wound.


Topic #2 - Your Goddess Archetypes

Explores how the goddesses Athena (your creative intelligence), Demeter (your mothering instincts), Hera (your relationship style), and Hestia (what centers you) express themselves in your life and personality, as shown through chart placements of the asteroids Pallas, Ceres, Juno, and Vesta.

We can also look at other goddesses, and  some lesser known gods for an additional $25/goddess/god.


Topic #3 - Owning your own Anger

Explores the story of Lilith, Adam's first wife (exiled from the Garden of Eden for refusing to "lie under" Adam) - to discover where/how you suppress your anger, where/how you hurt others with it, where/how you can constructively express it - as shown through chart placements of asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, and Black Moon Lilith. 


Topic #4 - Underworld Journeys

Explores the riches of the unconscious through your chart's placements of Pluto (Lord of the Underworld), Mercury (messenger and guide between worlds), and the asteroids Persephone/Proserpina (maiden originally abducted into the Underworld who became Queen of the Underworld), Ceres (distraught mother of Persephone/Proserpina), Sedna (Inuit goddess of the sea), and Psyche (who traveled to the Underworld to come into her own).


Topic #5 - Gods and Goddesses of Change and Growth

Explores what's going on for you now. Where are the pressure points, where are the opportunities and challenges in your life - as seen in transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, and Lilith. 

We can also look at past or future years for an additional $25/year.


Topic #6 - Quest Cycles

Explores what challenges and opportunities for growth the gods and goddesses have in store for you in the coming year - as shown through the solar return chart. 

We can also look at past or future years for an additional $25/ year.


Separate Reading - Psyche and Eros

Explores how you relate to another person (spouse, lover, child, parent, boss, sibling, etc.)  - where you enhance each other, and where there's friction - as shown through synastry of  two charts.

Note: This reading is separate from the others, and requires an initial basic reading for each participant before we can look at the synastry between the two charts.


Illustrated chart - $75 (or $200 total for illustrated chart and reading)

Shows the archetypes that make up your personality in a customized, 

poster-board-sized illustrated chart.

All readings $150 for 2-3 hours

Note: Unless waived at the time you request a reading, a down payment of $75 will be expected  before I begin work on the chart analysis (and/or illustrated chart).

 If you don't show up for a scheduled reading, in addition to the full session fee, you will be assessed an additional  rescheduling fee of $50.

Collaging astrological insights

Much of my collaging comes from what I've learned about my wyrd/personal destiny through astrology.  You can see some of my astrological "self" cards in my Bio.